CNIT is a non-profit Consortium, bringing together 37 Italian Universities and several institutes of the National Research Council (CNR, the largest public research institution in Italy), to foster research activity in the field of telecommunications. CNIT participated in hundreds of research projects, including EU coordinated projects, ERC grants and Italian nation-wide initiatives. It operates a satellite network, three national laboratories (Photonic Networks and Radar & Surveillance Systems, in Pisa, Multimedia Communications, in Naples) and 43 Research Units, one for each participating university and participating CNR institute. CNIT’s contribution to FED4IOT will come from the networking group of University of Rome, Tor Vergata. The networking group of University of Rome has a large expertise in EU projects, and played an active role in standardization, in fora such as IETF, ITU, OASIS and WWRF. The six faculties of the group have been evaluators for many EU research proposals and projects; they have been general coordinators of 8 EU projects worth 48M€ and technical coordinators of other two projects, obtaining grants for their group worth 12 M€; their work has been cited more than 22000 times. In addition to scientific expertise, the group has the capability to build demonstrators and to organize workshops and conferences, and is active in the editorial and technical boards of several major journals and conferences.