Standardization activities

The project is actively contributing to standardization activities of ITU-T and ETSI.


The project is proposing enhancements and additions to Study Group 13 on Future Networks and Focus Group on Data Processing Management (DPM).

Concerning SG13 on Future Networks, we have the following:

  • Proposal to update clauses 7 and 8 of the draft Recommendation Y.ICN-FnChain, SG13-C-0519, (July 23, 2018 – ITU-T SG13). Specifically, we have clarified the concept of producer initiated function chaining and proposed a pub/sub application of the producer initiated function chaining. Moreover, we formulated a proposal for contents of messages for function chaining.
  • Proposal to fill the missing text in clauses 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11 and improve clause 7 of the draft Recommendation Y.ICN-FnChain, 16885-C84 (181022), (October 30, 2018 – ITU-T SG13). Specifically we defined relations and interactions among the functional components of service function chaining.

Concerning FG on DPM:
We have proposed new IoT use cases and requirements for smart cities (January 2019 – ITU-T, Focus Group on Data Processing Management, DPM-I-214). Specifically, we conveyed a set of use cases to be included in the use case output document of FG-DPM.


Fed4IoT, through several partners of the consortium, is part of the ETSI Industry Specification Group for cross-cutting Context Information Management (ETSI ISG CIM). We are actively and extensively contributing to the following CIM work items:

  • ETSI GS CIM-009 V1.1.1 (specification was published 2019-01, click here to download)
    This is the Context Information Management; NGSI-LD API specification work item. The API evolves the former OMA NGSI 9 and 10 interfaces and FIWARE NGSIv2 to incorporate the latest advances from Linked Data.
  • ETSI GR CIM-007 (working draft)
    This is the Context Information Management; Security and Privacy report work item. It deals with security and privacy issues concerning the API, the platforms, and the context data items themselves.
  • ETSI GS CIM-006 (working draft)
    This is the Context Information Management; Information Model specification work item.  The goal is to define a cross-domain data model compatible with the NGSI-LD API.
  • ETSI GR CIM-008 (working draft)
    This is the Context Information Management (CIM); NGSI-LD Primer report work item. The goal is to explain with examples the usage of NGSI-LD information model and API.