Deliverable numberDeliverable nameDissemination levelDelivery date (month)
D1.1Project Management ManualCO2
D1.2First Communication, Dissemination and Standardization ReportPU12
D1.3Second Communication, Dissemination and Standardization ReportPU24
D1.4First Exploitation PlanCO12
D1.5Final Communication, Dissemination and Standardization ReportPU36
D1.6Second Exploitation PlanCO24
D1.7Final Exploitation PlanCO36
D2.1Use-case and requirementsPU6
D2.2System Architecture - First ReleasePU9
System Architecture - Second Release
D3.1Cloud-oriented services - First ReleasePU17
D3.2Cloud-oriented services - Second ReleasePU30
D4.1Smart-city information Sharing Services - First ReleasePU18
D4.2Smart-city information Sharing Services - Second ReleasePU30
D5.1Pilot Design and Validation Methodology - First ReleasePU12
D5.2Pilot Integration - First ReleasePU24
D5.3Pilot Design and Validation Methodology - Second ReleasePU29
D5.4Pilot Integration - Second ReleasePU34
D5.5Pilot deployment, test execution and result analysisPU36
D6.1H - Requirement No.1 CO6
D6.2H - Requirement No. 2CO6
D6.3H - Requirement No. 3CO6
D6.4POPD Requirement No. 4CO6
D6.5POPD Requirement No. 5CO6
D6.6NEC Requirement No. 6CO6