Easy Global Market

Easy Global Market SAS is a French SME, providing solutions and services to develop market confidence in technologies making the global market “easy” for companies looking for globalisation. EGM is specialised in validation, interoperability, Certification and label programmes. EGM is working with state of the art tools and validation approaches such as V&V, MBT (Model Based Testing) techniques using experience gained by EGM’ Directors working in +30 FP projects.

EGM is currently involved in about 10 H2020 projects including IoT, Cyber-Physical systems (H2020 U-TEST on uncertainties modelling for Cyber-Physical systems), distributed and parallel systems (H2020 PHANTOM: MBT based testing for parallel and distributed systems, including IoT and edge computing), Future Internet Experiment FIRE on IoT test beds (H2020 FIESTA-IoT for semantic interoperability, H2020 5GinFIRE for 5G testbeds federation), ARMOUR on IoT security, AUTOPILOT the IoT LSP on autonomous driving, 5GTANGO for V&V enabling DevOps in 5G context. EGM was part of FIWARE /FICORE recently finished end 2016, and of FESTIVAL for cooperation with Japan that finished end 2017. More projects here http://www.eglobalmark.com/en/project-list/

The first Innovation Radar Report reviewing the innovation potential of ICT projects funded under 7th Framework Programme and the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, to demonstrate the economic impact of EU grant funding identified EGM has being the 7th EU most innovative SME.

Over the pas years, EGM established relations with local organisations and has been deploying an IoT network based on LoRaWAN access technology together with oneM2M for the service layer and FIWARE for the context information management. A semantic annotation is provided to push collected data toward the FIESTA federation.

EGM is strongly involved within the standardisation area and is making key contributions to the oneM2M initiative (security, certification and semantic working groups). EGM co-founded the Industry Specification Group on Context Information Management (ISG-CIM) together with Telefonica, NEC and Orange. EGM was strongly involved in IERC (IoT European Research Cluster) in coordinating the Activity Chain 4 on Semantic Interoperability and IoT International cooperation thanks to the Support Action Project Smart Action. EGM is an active member within the Alliance for IoT Innovation in particular the WG1 (research, IERC), the WG3 (standardization) and WG4 (policies, privacy, security). EGM Co-authored the latest AIOTI High Level architecture (v3) and is contributing to the Semabntic white paper being under redaction.

In addition, EGM has important experience in FIWARE and IoT areas, which provide confidence on ability to support the community (e.g., SME, researchers) and organise activities to ensure sustainability including providing key interoperability tools.