Odin Solutions

Odin Solutions (OdinS) is a technology SME founded in August 2014. OdinS works in the fields of Internet of Things, Big Data and Security. Our staff has strong expertise in research and development of IoT embedded systems and Big-Data platforms for energy efficiency, security and tele-management of infrastructures. As a matter of fact, OdinS has several patents in the area of telecontrol systems and building automation. In addition, OdinS provides open, flexible and interoperable products able to connect infrastructures and mobile platforms for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities.

The multidisciplinary and enterprising team of OdinS works every day to face new challenges of a society that is becoming more connected and technological. Some of the awards received by OdinS are:

–            Award in the National SocInfo 2014 for SmartCities Solutions

–            Finalist in the National Startup4Cities 2014

–            Award in the National EnerTIC 2014

–            Award in the International IoT360 2014 (Internet of Things Summit)

Within the software/hardware solutions

  • city monitoring: OdinS has an extensive solution on sensors gateways and 6LoWPAN sensors that could be integrated in City Explorer a ScadaWeb system with main target being the infrastructure monitoring.
  • guardian angel and safety: OdinS already developed a solution for emergency button in Android OS and that it is connected to emergency responder and safety companies.

OdinS has several security components developed for constrained devices to support security (ECC on DTLS for CoAP) and privacy (access control based on capabilities)